Mystery with Methyl Ethel

Representing Western Australia, we are stoked to welcome the mysterious and experimental indie rockers Methyl Ethel.

Many of you will recognise the familiar sounds of internations hits like “Ubu” and “Twilight Driving”. These are many huge tracks from Methyl Ethel’s first three albums: Oh Inhuman Spectacle (2015), Everything is Forgotten (2017) and Triage (2019), all released under the famous 4AD Label.

Then there was a noticeable gap over the last few years until 2022’s Are You Haunted?

Mastermind and songwriter Jake Webb returned to Western Australia to create this fourth album with the freedom of a new record label, Future Classic.


Webb is a multi-instrumentalist who records his albums almost entirely alone in the studio. But he tours with a six-piece band, including two drummers, to create an incredible energy and a true spectacle of sound in his live performances.

You can get a little taste of that energy here in a live performance of Are You Haunted?

If you have listened to Methyl Ethel’s first three albums, you’ll notice that Are You Haunted? is a return to the unique sound of Methyl Ethel. Experimenting with both soundscapes and lyrics. Webb explores the loss of a dear friend, pandemic conspiracy theories, and existential dread about earthquakes all on the same album. It’s a bizarre combination that only Methyl Ethel could seamlessly synth together.

There are things that haunt us, and these are the things that construct our individuality. Because of this importance, there’s a sense of liberation and celebration in Are You Haunted?

It doesn’t take too much imagination to envision some of these tracks blasting through the giant soundsystem on the main stage at NestFest. We feel like it’s going to give you the full experience of Methyl Ethel. An eclectic and euphoric journey through genres that sounds so good on the big

Prepare yourself for mystery. A moving, cinematic and somewhat mystical experience.