Pachyman - Destroy the Empire

One of 16 artists performing their debut shows in Aotearoa, Pachyman is bringing the sultry Caribbean sound of his Puerto Rican roots, via his home studio in Los Angeles, to the sunset dancefloors of Nestfest 2023.

Pachyman aka Pachy García is a multi-instrumentalist dub producer, creating layered soundscapes that continue the legacy of famed producers like Scientist and King Tubby.
His three albums and several remixes celebrate the roots of Carribean soundsystem culture, where revolutionary producers would remove the lyrics from tracks and play them as instrumentals at parties and whānau gatherings. The purpose of this was to create a vibe for connection – a cauldron of deep sound simmering in the background while the audience could chat and laugh and dance, focussed on each other rather than the lyrics or lyricist.

“King Tubby decided to take of the vocals of a track that was recorded, to play it at dif erent sound systems or gatherings, beer gardens that they used to have in their backyards in Jamaica, so other people can come and sing over the track - or not necessarily sing over it but kind of, like, just talk to people, kind of engage with the audience that was there. And they discovered ways on how to fill up space by taking of the vocals and adding reverbs to certain instrumental elements.” – Pachy García, NPR

Despite growing up in Puerto Rico surrounded by the various genres of Carribean music, Pachyman began his musical journey by devouring all genres of music from punk to jazz to drum and bass. Upon moving to America, Pachy founded and still fronts a punk band called Prettiest Eyes, showcasing his love for all music.
During his early years in LA, Pachy sourced old and cheap recording equipment from second-hand stores and assembled Studio 333. With his collection of retro gear, Pachy began recording piano, drums, percussion, guitar and bass into multi-instrumental dub tracks inspired by Caribbean heroes of his childhood.

“I was really into punk when I was a kid. I mean, I still am. And in a way, reggae also stems from the same background where it's, like, music that was trying to do stuff differently or think differently or – and they are political in a way, as well.” –Pachy García NPR

It’s music for open mindedness, dancemoves and connection. Music to uplift through a textured soundscape of positive energy. Music for those warmer evening BBQs, a spliff at sunset, or grooving around while you have your Saturday coffee. Music to warm up your heart and hips as spring heats up into summer.

Then that heat can fully express itself on the big speakers at Nestfest, carrying that deep dub vibration into your chest and limbs. This is for the lovers of roots reggae, the dub fanatics, rastas, stoners, activists and groovemerchants. For anyone who loves dancing barefoot in the summer sun.

So until Nestfest 2023, lively up yourself with Pachyman’s latest album The Return of... and bring that summer sound back into your ears. On the biggest speakers you have. Until the full dub experience on the Nestfest Sound-system.