Anyone that has been to Nestfest before will know that the day ain’t complete without some variety of psychedelic rock expanding the boundaries of human consciousness.

This year we have true giants of the genre – Pond.


Maybe they are the best example of true musicians. 9 albums! Toured with Arctic Monkeys, MGMT and Flaming Lips. Mazillions of plays on Spotify and only a handful of music videos. 

Music is their art. Not marketing.

Their unselfconscious joy and love for making music is clear in every song and eccentric video.


They are true to their musical tastes, releasing creative and sometimes curiously challenging tracks. There is nothing mainstream about Pond. That is exactly why they are so beloved. They’re weird in all the best ways.

To make a generalisations about the least generic band around, their most loved songs are a surreal and psychedelic blend of elements that fuse together somehow into a magnificent climax.

‘Paint Me Silver’ is a perfect example of this.


So is the lesser known gem of theirs called ‘Medicine Hat’

Have a listen to pretty much any of their songs while walking down your familiar street. It’s a transportive experience. You’re still present in the world, but also detached into a surreal daydream.

You feel unusual just by listening to Pond’s music – a much needed antidote to the conformist monotony of the daily grind.
Sometimes, you just need some mindboggling psychedelic rock to empty your noggin and fill you with some fresh ideas.

It doesn’t really matter too much where you start in the 9 album catalogue of Pond. Each song is different and they’ll be unlike anything else you’ve heard. Maybe ‘Giant Tortoise’ is the most familiar reference point to take the leap, with echoes of the Beatles before exploding into sometime more like Jimi Hendrix on speed.

Once the sun has set on the Tomoana showground, Pond will be filling the darkness with a mystical performance.