Hiphop standup! Nestfest 2023 has a special selection for you.

Let's begin with IDK. An acronym for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge. But don’t be fooled. There is nothing ignorant about this young mastermind who is widely regarded as one of most inventive hip-hop artists of the upcoming generation.

This year he dropped one of the most unique rap albums in recent memory, Simple, produced by electronic legend Kaytranada.

Focussed on the reality of IDK’s hometown streets, the beats sometimes surprise with their energy. But that’s the point. To challenge perceptions and the status quo. To challenge genres and shatter preconceptions.

“There’s a neighborhood in my city called ‘Simple City,’”... “It gets its name because you can get killed for any simple reason. Simple City is also the birthplace of Marvin Gaye. I wanted to tell the story of Simple City in a way that it’s never been told before. From drug abuse to crime and murder, I wanted to cover what it feels like to be from Simple City and teach the world that the
fix to helping disadvantaged black communities isn’t as simple as you think.” – Complex

It’s a potent combination of unfiltered lyricism paired with pumping beats. It initially seems too complicated a subject to discuss in this format. But that’s why IDK has developed a reputation as a visionary within hiphop. Exploring new methods of storytelling to get his message across.

“The way people view our mentalities is a straightforward thing. There’s a lot of depth and it should be handled with care. I wanted to create an album where people can ‘dance to real shit.’”– Complex

There’s a purpose to his music. In his own words:

“using my platform to create an environment for them to be able to dream and think about things that they want to become, and to not feel like it’s not possible.”

As part of this mission, he has founded a music course at Harvard University called No Label Academy. Underprivileged and BIPOC students are able to attend a 10-day immersion, accessing all the resources at Harvard for free. Giving opportunities to explore a career in music, regardless of socioeconomic restraints. Pioneering a program where music overcomes barriers and is a uniting force.

IDK is taking over the streets and the highbrown institutions alike. It’s incredible for someone still just at the the beginning of his career. There’s no telling where he’ll go next.


But if you’re recording with Pharell, ain’t no stopping IDK now.


Coming live to Nestfest 2023, shortly before Action Bronson wraps it all up.