Introducing a blooming sister duo from Australia, coming to Nestfest for their only Aotearoa show this summer... Kinder.


Beginning their musical journey as a DJ duo, Briony and Savannah have evolved into songwriters themselves, creating their own original tracks and storming onto dancefloors across Australia.


From humble beginnings in Maitland, NSW, the sisters moved to Sydney and released a string of singles and two EPS, Yenko and last month’s release Akwaaba.

It’s a beautiful success for the Ghanian-Australian sisters. Sharing the inspiration that moved them as DJs, curating a unique blend of genres, mixing afrobeat with more traditional pop bangers.

It’s hard not to catch the creative energy of these sisters, especially when they are making bangers like this out of Nelly Furtado. It might give you a hint of what to expect at Nestfest.


So have a listen to their brand new EP and add some tracks to your summer hype playlist. Their DJ set alone is enough to get any weekend party started.