A special delivery from the US / Ibiza for the hardcore electronic fans out there – CHKLTE.

CHKLTE aka “chokolate” began to make a name for himself as a resident DJ on the dancefloors of his hometown in Austin, Texas. Not necessarily known as the mecca of electronic music, it is famous for its creativity and vibrant expressionism. SXSW music festival is just one example of the thriving art scene in Austin. 

From these beginnings, CHKLTE has become a big name in some of the more spectacular electronic hotspots across the globe like New York, Amsterdam, London, Mexico, Eastern Europe and Ibiza.


The resume speaks for itself. Frankly, there’s not much else to “say” about these sounds. This is not music to read about. It’s the cutting edge of electronic music which is made to be listened to loud and felt viscerally.


So find your biggest headphones. Or your bogan mate with a subwoofer in the boot. Or the heftiest sound system you can get your mitts on. Whatever will give you feel for the full sonics of CHKLTE.

Nothing can match the real deal. Delivered live on the 14th of January, on the towering Nestfest soundystem.

Do your stretches at home, and arrive limber for the full-noise decadent electronic experience. Dancing all day and into the night to a shaking soundsystem, surrounded by the most colourful characters and curious art. Sweet as CHKLTE.