Young phenom Pip Millett has arrived

Young phenom Pip Millett arrived on the RnB landscape in huge way with her debut single “Make Me Cry”.

But this viral hit is far from a beige breakup ballad. In her own words, “it is a breakup song, but a breakup with depression”.

She’s a deep old soul. With a calmness and poise to her art. No need to be flashy when her voice and lyrics very easily burrow their way into your soul. It’s the sophistication and grace of her songwriting that caused her music to resonate with millions from the outset.

She hasn’t been sleeping on success. Mazillions of streams were followed by three EPS back to back in 2019, 2020 and 2021. A mad consistent output for someone barely in their mid-twenties. But not so surprising when she cites her musical gurus as Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell and Lauryn Hill. Artists who taught her the art of storytelling.

Her storytelling is on full display in her brand new debut album, When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know. 17 tracks. Massive. As much a movie as an album. Mapping a whole spectrum of modern emotion. Desire and discontent.

It would take a whole essay to explore this album in deserving depth. Skipping that, just soak in her smoky voice and sage storytelling.

Best enjoyed when you’re vibing on your own at a cafe. Or in the bath with candles. Driving fast, towards or from a lover. Blasting through the speakers of your little city car.

“The sky seems pretty blue
And I hope that it’s the same for you.” – All Good

It’s like having a friend sing therapy and empowerment at the same time. Which is the central power of storytelling. And exactly why RnB always stirs those deep-hid feelings.


Queen Pip is current touring the UK and Europe, sharing her sounds triumphantly on home shores before she crosses the globe to shine her light in Aotearoa. Just for one singular show here this summer. NestFest baby.


By Nicholas Stringer